SEA MIST Hand Sanitizer


Our Sea Mist Hand Sanitizer is a must have around the gym, in the car, or anywhere you may need a quick but thorough cleaning. Use it to clean your hands, wipe down gym equipment, and so many other uses!

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For those on the go our Rinse-Free Hand Wash Gel is a great alternative to soap and water Our No-Rinse Gel is a unique, crystal clear, medium viscosity gel formulation containing alcohol and a special blend of moisturizers and skin conditioning agents which leaves hands feeling moist and refreshed. When applied to the hands it evaporates in seconds. Glycerin, a natural humectant, helps moisturize and counteracts the drying effects of alcohol. Aloe Vera is a natural soothing and healing agent which helps prevent dry, cracked or peeling skin. Additionally, we have included Pro Vitamin B-5 and Vitamin E in this unique formulation, both of which contribute to healthy looking and great feeling skin.

Clean & Sanitize wherever you may be!

Our hands may come into contact with billions of germs every day Any hard surface at home or in public places can harbor germs and bacteria. Hands coming in contact with table tops, desks, phones, etc pick up these germs. Our hands are one of the most frequent transmission routes for many types of infections as they come into direct contact with known portals of entry for pathogens (mouth, nose, conjunctiva of the eyes). Therefore, practicing proper hand hygiene is the easiest way to help reduce infections. Hand washing is among the easiest way to prevent the spread of germs that can cause illness. When soap and water are not available our Rinse-Free Hand Wash Gel is a great alternative.

This will be in your car, gym bag or purse once you try it.
All Liquid Gel Cleaners are the same? Not even close to being true. Most cleaners are made with harsh alcohols and minimal moisturizers. Our No-Rinse Cleaner is formulated with Essential Oils and Glycerin to help moisturize and heal your skin while leaving you with a pleasant scent.
Rudy Valenzuela
SoCal Grooming Company
Citrus Herb Hydra Clean Shampoo


great for use on normal to oily hair, or if you’ve noticed that your favorite styling products just aren’t working like they used to. For dry, over processed hair, occasional use is recommended to reduce the buildup of old styling product.


Our Vegan Shower Jelly Soap is the real thing and is inspired by the Shower Jellies made popular by Lush Cosmetics. Shower Soap Jellies are so much fun to use! They shake and jiggle but hold their shape until you tear off a chunk and use it in the sink or shower. This Soap is not just fun and games, it has Glycerin Soap as a base, ensuring that it moisturizes as it cleans, leaving you refreshed and ready to go!

Citrus Herb Hair Pomade


Hands down, the best Hair Pomade you will ever try. Lightweight and water soluble so you can use it every day without worrying about it building up. Perfect control and incredible versatility.

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Suggested Use

Suggested Use:
For use as air freshener, spray in well ventilated areas into air. For spraying linens or fabric, spray at minimum 12" distance. For as pet deodorizer/cologne, spray onto pet's coat at a minimum distance of 12", avoiding contact with face, eyes and skin. Not recommended for use on humans.
Suggested Warnings:
Do not spray directly onto face.
Avoid inhalation while spraying.
Avoid contact with eyes. If eye contact should occur, flush with warm water for five minutes.
Hard surfaces may become slippery with overspray.
Do not expose to heat or fire.
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not ingest.
Do not directly spray onto painted or finished surfaces.
Do not spray directly onto your pet's face or skin.


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