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Beyond Balloons and Chocolates

Sherwood Florist teams with SoCal Grooming to create Floral Inspired Product Line

Balloons and chocolates have long been a staple add-on sale for Flower Shops, in fact I doubt there is one that doesn’t offer that along with their Red Roses. But beyond offering, maybe a teddy bear or greeting cards, florists do not usually offer too many other choices.

Busy Flower Shop owners/designers have little time for merchandising an entire Gift Shop while trying to showcase their prized Floral Designs! Their focus is usually on fending off the relentless competition they face from multiple fronts – Grocery Store Florist that can undercut them on price, internet Floral Clearinghouses that cut into their margins, and public with little awareness of why a delivered Floral Arrangements from your local Florist is still a uniquely special gift of love, appreciation, and sympathy, sometimes all in the same arrangement.

Bath & Body Products & Flowers, a Natural Fit!

SoCal Grooming Company, working alongside with Sherwood Florist of Claremont, CA developed a line of Bath and Body Products inspired by the flowers they use to design their lush floral designs. Roses, Peonies and others were the inspiration we used to infuse our Body Lotions, Scrubs and other delightful products. Fragrance designers have long been inspired by floral scents and we use many Botanical Extracts and other ingredients made with flowers, making this collaboration an easy fit!


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